Three FAQS About Me

When I meet someone new, I get asked these three questions first.

#2: How to be you (po)?

It depends on how well you may actually know me. I do both radio and TV for the love of — I love music and I love technology. It's a blessing to be able to talk about and do both.

(Contrary to popular belief, there isn't that much money in radio or television. If there is, it's certainly never meant to last very long. I definitely don't do it for extra commas in my bank account.)

So, the question really is: "Who are you?" And then: "How does one become that?"

In reality, I moonlight as a media person. Most of who I really am and what I really do, you won't read, hear, or see — at least not so much just yet. But first, let's do the math:

Radio = 3 hours max, per day

TV = 1 hour max, per day

Give or take an odd hour or two for preparation and a few moments of laziness, I'm left with about 15-17 hours all to myself. The rest of my private life — and I cherish my private life — is spent working on personal ventures, taking care of my team, and maybe taking a photo or two of random people on the street.

(I speak more in-depth about "how to" in a Facebook Live interview I did a few weeks ago. Watch this.)

The point is, don't do me. Do you. I got to be who I am because I fell HARD for all things media and technology. I doubt we both have the same loves. It took me 30+ years to figure myself out; your mileage on yourself will vary.

So, get out there. Explore. Be different.

Fall down. Get up. Fall down again. Get up faster. If it's your life that you're living, you'll surely live a happy one. I promise. Then, hopefully, I can be the one asking you the same question, too.

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